60th birthday collapse that was not expected!

On the 8th June 2019, I had booked a surprise afternoon tea in Covent Garden for my mums 60th birthday and retiring from teaching for many years with some friends.

Unfortunately afterwards, she had a cardiac arrest. We were so extremely lucky that two off duty nurses were near us and recognised that she hadn’t just fainted and started CPR within minutes.

We were then surrounded by the amazing London Ambulance Service who had to shock my mum 6 times to stabilise her prior to moving to the ambulance and on to the hospital.

The community spirit was amazing as a few bystanders stood with their backs to my mum and the paramedics to almost make a screen for nosey people as it was in the middle of Covent Garden and not quite dignifying having to have her clothes cut.

It also turns out that these two nurses; who I am in regular contact with, have set up an organisation about 2 years ago to teach CPR and Defib use and raise awareness to the community and beyond also fundraising for defibrillators to be installed.

My mum has beaten the odds of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest, however i’d hate to think of the consequences if the nurses weren’t there followed by the quick response from the paramedics!!

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