Adopt an AED: Amanda Gillard, CEO: Women in business

Adopt an AED form new partnerships with leading brands in the UK

Adopt An AED has been established to counter all these problems. Our aim is to help reduce the response times to Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests, to help increase the chance of survival for the patient. We help the community become part of the first response process.

With Adopt An AED you simply; Adopt, Register and Respond.

It is vital to ensure your AED is FDA approved, meaning the AED can deliver a shock in under 10 seconds. Adopt An AED only sell Phillips HS1 and FRx models as these are 2 of the 4 models that are FDA approved in the UK. The HS1 is also the world’s first idiot proof AED and can be used by anyone, even children.

We have created appropriate packages for local SME businesses, homes, organisations and the community that can be adapted to suit. Adopt An AED works closely with a First Aid business called MK Safety Solutions to provide accredited FAA First Aid, CPR and AED courses with every AED purchased by professional healthcare workers. We have ensured that these courses comply with the requirements of CPD for dentists. We offer assistance to register the device with the correct organisation that can utilise the AED in a time of need. Imagine if someone in your family had collapsed from a Cardiac Arrest. Would you want someone there quickly to start CPR and deliver a shock to help them survive?

Adopt An AED promotes building partnerships in the community to help one another. You never know, one day t could be you or a loved one!

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