How would my body process a Vaccine for COVID-19?

There are several different approaches for potential vaccine’s against coronavirus. 

The basic idea is getting an injection with a faint version of virus. Vaccines expose the body to a version of virus that is too weak to cause infection but strong enough to stimulate an immune response. Within a few weeks, cells in the immune system would make markers called antibodies which would be specific to the coronavirus or specifically its spike protein. Antibodies then attach to the virus and prevent it from attaching to human host cells. The immune system will then respond to signals from the antibodies by consuming and destroying clumps of the viruses. If you catch the real virus at a later stage your body will recognise it and destroy it. Your immune system is effectively prepared and ready.

This is exactly the same process your body uses when you have the flu injection every year. In order to help and prepare your immune system should you come into contact with the flu.

Collecting evidence on whether this is possible, safe and effective is part of the reason as to why it is taking so much time to develop a vaccine by the researchers. 

There is a lot of information currently speculating whether we already have a known vaccine from Ebola or other SARS viruses but it’s important to remember that vaccine’s normally take a long time to develop. The Ebola vaccine took a record breaking 5 years to develop whilst others have taken a lot longer. Researchers are literally working against the clock to find something that will help in this pandemic.

Researchers hope to dev one for the coronavirus in a record breaking 12-18 months. 

All of this takes time and whilst we would like a vaccine to appear out of thin air magically, the reality of it is that we need to wait and support those working toward the greater good of everyone effected. 

Please, please, please stay home if you can to protect the most vulnerable and don’t forget to wash your hands and keep good distances from others.

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