Why people may be washing their hands wrong…

When people don’t wash their hands correctly, they leave themselves susceptible to germs.

By ensuring that your hands are washed properly, you are ensuring that germs that can cause harm like E.coli and salmonella as well as cold and flu viruses especially the recent Coronavirus are washed away properly. By not carrying out the proper hand washing routine you risk putting yourself and others at risk.

There are quite a few common mistakes that people make.  These include but are not restricted to; not washing for long enough, not washing the creases in the hands, not drying thoroughly enough, washing hands only after using the toilet, not using soap and only using hand sanitiser, touching other surfaces after washing your hands, not rinsing the bar of soap prior to using it or using a refilled dispenser and the mistake of using hot water.

Most of these are self-explanatory however the last two points will probably raise questions, so let me explain;

Hot water is promoted as a good way to kill bacteria from our hands from a young age; but the truth is that cold or tepid water will do the same job. Using cold or tepid water is actually better for your skin and causes less irritation and drying out. For hot water to kill bacteria, it has to boil at 100 degrees Celsius to see a significant effect. It is definitely not a good idea to but water at this temperature on your skin so stick to tepid and cold water.

A study by the Applied and Environmental Microbiology was conducted in 2011 and the results were quite surprising. This study was to test whether using refillable dispensers transferred bacteria when using it. The study was corroborated and demonstrated a 26-fold increase in numbers of bacteria present on the hands after washing with contaminated soap from bulk-soap-refillable dispensers. It goes on further to say that those dispensers refilled with a sealed refill had no bacterial transfer. 

If you would like to read the study please see the link below; 


Hopefully this will help you all understand where people go wrong when washing their hands. 

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